Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks in June, 2003
The day after Nicole (our daughter) and Jeremy got married, Sue and I jumped in the car with my parents for a little road trip to Kansas by the way of
Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska.  The main destinations were the National Parks of Yellowstone and Grand Teton, with a night at
Jackson Hole.  The first thing that Sue and I learned was that while it may be warm in Oregon and Kansas this time of year, this is not the case for
Montana.  When we stopped in West Yellowstone for the night, the first thing we did was to purchase matching Yellowstone jackets.  We had mostly
packed t-shirts and shorts for this "Summer" trip.  Frost does not a Summer make in my mind.

The windmills were in Washington State.  We stopped the first night in Lewiston, Idaho.  The folks enjoyed the view back over towards Pullman,
Washington.  The next day we headed towards Montana and enjoyed some scenery in Idaho along the way.  We stopped at the edge of Yellowstone
and spent the night in the town of West Yellowstone (Brrr).
It is too bad that the weather did not cooperate a little more than it did.  The cold was fine, but it stayed very overcast.  This made it hard to tell where
the geysers stopped and the clouds started at times.  I was amazed at how much of the park was still recovering from the fire in 1988.  
At one point, Sue and I are walking around admiring the scenery.  Sue said, "Hey, there is a wildcat".  I spin around looking in vain for this
big cat.  I am looking and looking, wondering where it is.  Sue points at a truck, it is right there.  That is when I saw the license plate with a
Kansas State Wildcat logo.  Good grief, got me all excited just to see a fellow alum.
After leaving Yellowstone behind, we were off to the Grand Teton National Park.  It was a great sight as we approached from the far side of Jackson
Lake.  We drove the loop down to Moose, Wyoming and then on to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the night.  
We visited a church, where Sue took a picture from inside the church out a window of a couple of Tetons.  Below are some ski runs on the left and the
antler arch at the town square.