Paris trip in May 2001
Our trip to Paris was one of the most wonderful adventures we've had. We especially enjoyed Notre Dame and Roland Garros...during our first and
last days in Paris. A lot of the historical information in the following pages is what we learned while reading Rick Steves' Paris 2001 Guide. It was
quite valuable on our trip.
Saturday, May 19th
We had a leisurely morning and left for the airport. For some reason, we thought the car needed to be washed at the local car wash before we
went. So we went to Kaady car wash only to get spritzed on as the sunroof had been left open a tiny bit. It was very interesting to have soapsuds on
our faces as we came out of the car wash.
We left the Portland airport about 11:30 am and flew to St.Louis. This was about a 3.5 hour trip. Then we flew from St. Louis to Paris, France. This
was about a 9 hour trip. We had so many frequent flyer miles that we were able to get first class round trip tickets the whole way! We got to visit the
Ambassador Club, which was very quiet and peaceful. Flying first class was also very fun as we had our own private footstools, VCR’s, and so
much room that we couldn’t reach the seat in front of us no matter how much we stretched out. They gave us gift bags with ear plugs and eye
patches, blankets and pillows. We could watch our own private movies or two movies they showed for the whole plane. Our dinner was quite the
affair…with an appetizer, salad, main course, dessert, fruit and cheese. We tried to order from the French version of the menu just to get us in the
mood. And of course, as much champagne to drink as we could want.
By the time we flew all these hours, it was Sunday!