Mt. Hood trip in February 2009
We took Friday off and headed up to secure our cabin.  We arrived at the rental office a couple of hours too early.  We were told by the office that it
would be silly to drive on up to Government Camp and have to drive back to get the key.  They recommended that we drive 1 mile to the
Recreation Site and hike on the trails.  It was a sunny and nice day, so that it what we did.  I think we hiked a few miles around the park.  We were
amazed at all of the damaged from the Winter storms that we have had this year.  Several trails were closed and many trees were down.  But we had
fun anyway.
It was time to pick up our key and drive up to
Government Camp and on to our cabin called the
Wildwood Cabin.  We settled in to our facilities
that slept 10 on 3 levels with a hot tub on the
back deck.  Then we drove back to Welches for
dinner at the
Rendezvous Restaurant.
After a big dinner and a good nights sleep, we are off to rent snow shoes at Mountain Tracks.  We then set off for Frog Lake Sno-Park and Twin Lakes.  
We have been here before, but last time we had just received 12 inches of new snow and Sue and I were breaking trail.  It was hard work and we only got
to the lower Twin Lake.  

So off we go to find the lower Twin Lake again.  We did see lots of trees down like we did the day before.  Amazing!  We were lucky.  Rain was in the
forecast, but all we got was sun.
We reached Twin Lake Summit after a mile and a half.  We are still feeling pretty good, although it has been all up hill to this point.
Mark has a need to crawl into a snow free space under a log.
After snowing shoeing for better than 90 minutes and a little over 2 miles, we found lower Twin Lake.  It was time for a little lunch and a break.  Mark did
notice that there were a lot of birds swooping in behind people to clean up (pretty normal).  As soon as Sue handed Mark some food, the birds swarmed
up above in the tree branches.  Mark decided to put some food in his hand and hold it out.  The next thing you know, here is a bird eating the food.  The
first bird got annoyed after the food was gone and bit Mark.  Mark quickly got more food and played this little game for awhile.  This was a good deal of fun.
All nice and rested and fed, we set off for the upper Twin Lake.  It is a little over a mile away, how bad can that be.  They call it upper for a reason!  We
climbed up to the next lake, which took a little bit of time.  There is a stream that cuts through the snow between the lakes.
After a brief rest, we spotted an igloo on the lake.  We forged on in deeper snow on the frozen lake.  The igloo was pretty cool.  It finally dawned on us that
we are now 3.5 miles from our car.  Fortunately, it is mostly all down hill back to the car.  We were a little tired and sore upon reaching our car after being
out in the snow for 5 hours.
The next day reality of returning home was setting in.  We had researched several more trails that looked interesting down the mountain.  We were off to
explore and at least find some of these places.  We chose to not get out and hike today, just explore from the Jeep.
We have started researching what to do for
next year and maybe this summer back on
Mt. Hood already.