Mt. Hood trip in February 2006
This was our second outing on Mt.
Hood going snow shoe hiking.  We
gave this a shot a few years ago, but
stayed very close to the village.  This
time we set off to find a snow covered

We set off with some directions from
the snow shoe shop.  Of course I
forgot the map.  This is never a smart
thing.  The mountain had received
over 12 inches of fresh snow the day

Fortunately, we never did get lost.  
Although after trudging through this
snow for what seemed like hours.  We
almost gave up on finding any lake.  
We were way too tired and still had to

We had left early that day.  There was
only one other hiker in front of us that
we finally found at the lake.  

Sue encouraged us to forge on.  We
finally found a down hill trail that led to
the lake.  What joy and how very steep
the trail was.  Oh boy, coming back
would be an adventure.

It all was very beautiful and well worth
the hike to the lake.