Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in January 2005
On the last day, Sue and I went to the Dolphin Adventure at Nuevo Vallarta.  We got to spend some time with birds, seals and
other critters.  But, most importantly - we got to swim with the dolphins!
Sue's company
meeting was held in
Mexico this year.  We
started the week with
a cocktail reception by
the beach at the
The patio restaurant had some very interesting seating options, especially the ones
near the fire pit closer to the beach.  We had to get in these later in the eve.
The next day after the meeting part was over.  It was time for team building.  This consisted of taking Vaseline, a watermelon,
colored bandannas for each team and a net.  An odd version of water polo or more like a Australian Football scrum.
Then we went into downtown Puerto Vallarta briefly on our way to a restaurant on the cliffs down the highway around 30km.
The next day
we drove to La
Jolla de
Mismaloya and
went horse
back riding up a
trail to Rio
Mismaloya.  Sue
and I stayed at
this same
Resort back in
In fact we went on the same horse back ride up this trail with our daughter Nicole.  But now at the top is a Canopy Tour offered
by El Eden.  We have a video of the group gliding from tree to tree on cables.  After we finished that it was time for a nice lunch.
The following day we took a boat ride out to a small island to go snorkeling and scuba diving.  We were fortunate enough to do
some whale watching on our way.