Varenna, Italy
Thursday, August 12th
Verenna is in the Lake Como area north of Milan, the Italian Lakes District.  It was a very quiet area
with absolutely nothing to do.  At least from the standpoint of a tourist looking at museums and
churches, there was nothing to do.  Varenna has about 800 residents.  The rest are tourists.  It was a
perfect place to recover from the flight and catch our breath before going on.  
We got up late and tried to find some breakfast, but couldn’t.  “Chiuso”…closed.  So we went on to get
“biglietto”…tickets…to ride the Metro.  And on we went to Cardona.  We stopped and had lunch “pizza
marguerita”…which was a very thin crust pizza with only tomato sauce and mozzarella as a topping.  But it
was very filling and good.  It became one of our favorites and we want to practice making the thin crust
ourselves.  Sometimes we would add “prosciutto”…ham…to the pizza.  
And then we got on the train and rode for 1
hour to Verenna.  Even the train stations were
a work of art…and of course, HUGE!  

It was wonderful to relax in the train and watch
the small towns whiz by.  And to see the
northern hills of Italy approaching.  

Castles were everywhere in the green
countryside.  As well as strange towers in the
middle of nowhere.
And then had our own gelato…which would soon become a daily event…and watched the water in the harbor while letting our pulses slow down as much
as possible.  

We went back to our hotel and got a “dai vini”…wine list…and sat on the patio with a good bottle of chianti and watched the sunset.  Beautiful.  Peaceful.  
Our hotel, Hotel Royal Victoria was
beautiful and quite luxurious.  It made it
hard to leave!
We walked the length of the town along
the seafront boardwalk and in between
restaurants and children (and their
parents) eating gelato.  
There are no real streets, just “contrada”…stepped lanes.  It was very quaint and charming and
reminded us of Victoria, Canada.  

We noticed the funny trunks on the trees and the dogs standing in the water to cool off.  We ate at
“el molo”…The Pier.  But the waitstaff was much more interested in playing with the dogs than
waiting on us.  That is when we realized that Italians take their meals very seriously and don’t
expect you to rush through them.  We finally got our check and paid.
We slept very well and were up again with the
chiming of the belltower right outside our window.
We walked to the harbor on the other side of town and watched the ferries cross the water for awhile.
It was cool and sunny and “bellisimo”…pretty.
We walked to the harbor on the other side of town and watched the ferries cross the water for awhile. It was cool and sunny and “bellisimo”…pretty.

Then we walked to “il treno stazione”…the train station.  And then we got on our train and zoomed towards Verona.