Bolzano, Italy
Friday, August 13th
Some of the trains had air conditioning, if they were more than an hour or so long.  The train we took to Bolzano had air conditioning.  We truly felt like
spoiled Americans then.  
Our hotel in Bolzano, did spoil us.  Hotel Greif
was “molto moderno”…very modern, and right
on the square, Piazza Walther.  Each room
was individually designed by a local artist.  
Ours was based on the mythological creature,
We ate at an outdoor restaurant right outside Hotel Grief where Mark stubbed his toe and tumbled
into an Italian woman…who scolded him profusely in Italian.  But once we had our wine and bread, we
didn’t care so much what they thought.  We did begin to get tired of being stared at though.  I never
realized we were so different as anyone else, but I guess we stuck out like sore thumbs.

There was a man that was walking up and down the “piazza”…square…outside the restaurant tables.  
He was yelling all kinds of things at customers…until the police came and hauled him away.  So that
was our evening entertainment as we ate our meal.

It started to rain a little bit and we got our evening gelato as we walked back to the hotel, eating gelato
between rain sprinkles.