Italy in August 2004
On Tuesday, August 10th, Nicole and Jeremy picked us up early in the morning.    Our first flight was to Atlanta.  Thankfully, Sue was able to sleep
almost the entire flight.  Mark didn’t have such good luck.  The flight connected in Atlanta and we were on our way to “Milano” – Milan, Italy.  They passed
out newspapers on the plane to Italy…calling them “journali”.  5 hours later, we arrived.

We had our first class train tickets and were ready with our backpacks.  It felt like we took 3 to 4 vacations in one.  The Lake district up by Switzerland, the
mountains near Austria, the Coast Line at Cinque Terre (near Pisa), Venice a world of its own and the inland areas of Rome, Siena and Florence.  All so
very different and interesting.  
I tried something new on this series of
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