Waterford, Ireland
Sunday, June 15th
Left Kilkenny and drove through fields and fields of cows and sheep and “loose chippings” on road.  I would say “beside the road” but there was no beside
the road.  We decided when the road was to narrow for 2 lanes they don’t put a stripe down the middle.  Stopped at the Jerpoint Abby (below) halfway or
so to Waterford.  
Drove onto Waterford.  Almost ran into the back of a tractor on the road.  Had to take a detour due to construction.  Finally made it to Waterford.  We
stopped at the first opportunity and grabbed lunch at a carvery (buffet).  After lunch we drove on to the Waterford Crystal plant and signed up for a tour.    
We jumped back into our car and drove to the Ballyhack Ferry to cross the Waterford Harbour.  This was a short cut that an employee at Waterford
Crystal told us about.  This saved us lots of time coming and going to the Hookhead Lighthouse, which was our ultimate destination for this evening.  Of
course by the time we actually got to the lighthouse it was closing.  We also managed to have our first major near death experiences.  Sue wanted me to
turn right into a pullout area for some pictures.  I immediately did so, right across on-coming traffic.  The car coming at us hit their brakes and honked.  I
am so used to turning right in the U.S. and not looking, since there is no lane to cross.
Got back to Waterford and found our hotel the Waterford Marina Hotel.  We tried to find a quick dinner place and ended up getting snacks at a local pub.  
We walked around the city and for some reason the bank alarms were going off.  I did manage to find a new drunk friend along the river.  He was very
appreciative that we were looking at the WWII memorial.  The most notable landmark in downtown the Reginald's tower.