Portrush, Northern Ireland
Saturday, June 21st
Today the weather was not the best, but it was mostly a drive day.  We needed to cover many miles and get from Ireland into Northern Ireland.   As we
approached Derry/Londonberry (where we crossed the border), we saw an immediate difference.  The area was very industrialized, clean and better
roads.  Plus we had to switch from Euros and Kilometers to Pounds and Miles.  Not that the car we had reflected Miles, only Kilometers.  

We have learned some things so far during our stay.  We have been to a couple of Carvery's for lunch.  We would call this a buffet with someone cutting
meat for us.  It is common to salt your toast after putting butter on it.  Grilled tomatoes are common for breakfast as is black pudding (pork, oats and

We have seen many "Accident Black spot signs", which denote a place where road traffic accidents have historically been concentrated.   Driving into a
yellow painted criss cross on the road.  These are "Box junctions".  You must not enter the box if your exit path is not clear.  You may enter the box when
you want to turn right and are prevented from doing so.  

Halfway between Galway and Derry is a town called Knock.  In 1879, locals saw the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph and St. John.  Word of miraculous healings
turned the trickle of pilgrims into a flood and put Knock solidly on the Pilgrimage map.  
Ireland's National Marian Shrine
Drove on into Portrush and found our hotel - Ramada Portrush.  The people seemed snooty with no Irish accent and it seemed like they were staring at
us.  Very odd.  We did a quick walk around this cute little town, but it was cold out and we could not find anyplace to eat.  We are looking forward to getting
back to the Republic of Ireland.