Kilkenny, Ireland
Friday, June 13th
We left Dublin and headed straight to Powerscourt Gardens (lots of bugs).  Next we went to Glendalough park and ruins.  We went hiking to a lake
and waterfall, took a wrong turn and went up some steep hillsides (cliffs), only to find that we had to go back down and use the stairs on the other
side.  We were getting eaten alive by the bugs.  Tried to cut through the Wicklow mountains to get to Kilkenny.  We got very lost and ended up in
someones farm.  So we headed towards the coast and in Arklow.  We were very frustrated and still two hours from Kilkenny and getting very tired.  
We ate at McDonald's asked directions on how to get out of town.  Mark locked the keys in the truck of the Nissan TIIDA.  Fortunately, Sue had a
Nissan in the past and pulled down the back seat to get to the keys.    
We left Powerscourt Gardens and drove onto  
Glendalough park and ruins.  The country side
on the right was pretty normal along the East and
Southern coasts.   

Below we started our hike and exploration of
Glendalough.  Nothing like a good hike after
traveling for basically a day.
We stayed at the Club House Hotel right next to the Kilkenny Castle.  Tomorrow, we are off to explore
the city and surrounding areas.