Dublin, Ireland
Thursday, June 26th
On our final full day in Ireland and Dublin.  We planned on taking it fairly easy and it was raining pretty hard.  We started the day getting our bearings for
tomorrow and how best to get to the airport on time.  We then set off to find the National Botanical Gardens.  We did not have a detailed map of Dublin
outside of downtown.  I tried my best to find the Gardens by luck and ended up getting very lost and very far from our destination.  In fact I went in a big
circle and ended up back at the airport for the second time today.  Sue got us back on the straight and narrow or at least in the right direction.  We fairly
ended up stumbling onto the Gardens just before lunch.  Phew!  This place is huge and we spent several hours here and ate lunch here as well.
We had been staying inside where is was dry and warm.  Now it is time for us to see what is outside in the gardens.  It did not take long for us to get
attacked by an aggressive gangster squirrel!
We left the Gardens and were off to find a couple of more attractions before the day was over.  We
mostly drove around Greater Dublin and got more and more lost without a map.  After several hours
of interesting sight seeing, we finally gave up.  As we were returning to downtown, we did manage to
finally see one of the sights from a distance.   We were too frustrated to stop.  Then we drove right by
the Guinness Brewery and again, we did not stop.  Find the Castle Hotel and a beer!  Tomorrow
morning we catch a plane and fly back to Portland via San Fransisco.
We saw this sign as we got close to
our Hotel.  I found it amusing.  Irish