Dublin, Ireland
Wednesday, June 25th
Today is all about enjoying Dublin.  We start our day with a tour of Trinity College.  Our tour guide was a student at the College.  He gave us a very nice
and informative tour.  Afterwards we went inside the National Library to see the Book of Kells and the oldest harp in Ireland.
We walked around the various streets of Southwest Dublin on our way to locate Saint Patrick's Cathedral.  We stopped at the busy Moore Street market
and another Church as we wondered the around the city.
We walked on down the street to the Christ Church Cathedral with its arch across the street and home to the Dublina Exhibition.
We walked another block or so and came to the St. Audoen's Church.  We walked around this Church.  There was a small park and the beginnings or the
city wall that surrounded the city and connected to the Dublin Castle.  We walked on down to the Liffy River with views of bridges and James Gandon's
Four Courts (round topped) building.  Sue found the marker in the Wood Quay where the Viking's landed around 841.
Next up was a tour of the Dublin Castle.  We entered the Castle Square and enjoyed the fact that we were not being rained on.  We went into the Castle
and got our stickers to join our tour.  We visited many rooms seeing Waterford Crystal chandeliers and many Coat of Arms.  We finish our tour under the
Castle where the great city wall of being preserved as it connects into the Castle.
After all of our sightseeing today, we are tired.  We found a cute bank turned pub in downtown.  We went in for a beer and stayed for dinner.  
After Dinner, we went for a short walk around the city.  We came across the Powerscourt Townhouse Shopping Centre, very interesting place.
We walked a bit more around Grafton Street and then on back to the car to find our Castle Hotel.