Belfast, Northern Ireland
Monday, June 23rd
Today is officially the longest day of the year, sunset tonight is at 11:00pm (and we need all the time we can get).  

We drove from Portrush towards Belfast.  We drove through the heart of Northern Ireland and saw some nice scenery.  We drove into the town of Carrick
Fergus on the East Coast towards the Irish Sea.  Our first stop was the Carrick Fergus Castle.  Cute little town.  After our visit at the castle, we grabbed
some hand food and jumped into the car and finished our drive to Belfast eating in the car.
We quickly found our hotel the Ramada Belfast and checked in as quickly as possible.  I then called the Black Taxi tour company and booked a tour.  Our
cab was with the founder, who drove a Red taxi.  He took us on a tour of where the Titanic was built, tour of downtown, IRA vs Northern Ireland, Catholic vs
Protestant neighborhoods and murals, Churches with shops underneath, memorials to those that have died in the conflicts, some are still being burned
and attacked.  We also went to the Peace Wall, which we signed.  They hope to tear down this wall soon that divides Protestant and Catholic
neighborhoods and put parts in a museum.  Maybe our names will be preserved in Northern Ireland forever!
We drove ourselves back downtown to see the College, Capital and other sites.  But mostly we were hungry, so we set off to find a pub and relax.  We
watched a game of
hurling.  I had never heard of this game before, but I have now.