Ireland Trip in June 2008
Our trip to Ireland was easier to plan for than some other of our trips.  The new twist is that rather than traveling mostly by train, bus, or boat.  We
rented a car and tried to cover the entire Island (which we did).  Several thousand kilometers later traveling from the right side of the car driving on the
left side of the road.  We emerged with many thousands of memories and pictures.  It did manage to rain on us almost every day.  
On Thursday June 12th, we flew into San Francisco to catch an Aer Lingus
direct flight to Dublin.  San Francisco was experiencing rolling blackouts due
to the heat, which in turn caused the Air Port to lose power and delay our
flight by an hour.  The jet did not have a great deal of room, but we managed
to sleep some.

We arrived in Dublin on the 13th.  We headed straight to the Avis lot and had
to go back into the terminal to obtain the paperwork and then return back to
the lot.  Whew.  It did take some getting used to having the rear view mirror on
the left.