Hawaii trip in January 2006
Sue's company (pictured below) got to go on a multi-island Hawaii cruise this year.  Sue is smiling below as part of
the company photo shoot.
We spent the first night on Honolulu.  We ventured to the top of Diamond Head and looked back to the city.  Went
for a drive along the coast.  Then we were off to visit the Pearl Harbor memorial.
More shots at the Pearl Harbor memorial.  We toured a submarine at the memorial.
We toured the Hawaii Volcanoes National park on the big Island.  Lava crossing the road and entering the sea.  We
did manage to sneak in a kayaking/snorkeling excursion, but did not take our camera.
Mark fascinated with the lava.  Center shot is from Maui looking out to a little Island called Molokini.  We snorkeled
there back in 1988.  Then we were off for a drive around the entire Island of Maui.
More Maui coastal shots.  It was a very long drive around this little Island.  We were all very tired when we got back
to the ship.  There were six of us in our car.
Visiting the seven pools at Hana (Sue in the middle on the left).  Next we visited Kauai.  The lighthouse on the right
was our next stop.
Left picture is from the lighthouse.  We were then off to the end of the Island (as far as the road would take us on
Kauai).  We found a lush field and some very large waves along the way.
We found a cave as well.  At the end of the road, we went for a hike to the top of a ridge.  It was very pretty up there.
 The rained stopped long enough that day to give us a rainbow to enjoy.
We fell in love with this little church on Kauai.  Then it was time to get back on the ship and cruise around the West
side of Kauai.
A couple more pictures of the West side of Kauai.  Then we were back on Oahu.
All fun trips must come to an end.  So a little hug and then a farewell to our ship.