Santorini, Greece
Wednesday, May 9th through May 12th 2007
Our next stop was Santorini.  The ferry landed at the base of some cliffs.  Our hotel shuttle was waiting and whisked us up the steep hillside to the
top.  We stayed at a hotel called the Volcano View Villas.  The hotel was built into the cliffs and you actually walked down from the lobby to all of the
rooms.  Basically, we slept in a cave.  It was a little unsettling to put on damp clothes every day.  But, the views were pretty amazing.
Here is a link to the hotel we stayed at in Santorini.

Volcano View Villas
If Mykonos was “blue”, Santorini was the blue-est. White buildings, topped and trimmed in deep, dark blue paint. Churches and people and rooftop
restaurants everywhere.  We strolled into the city of Fira after settling in our room for dinner.  We caught the shuttle back to our hotel.
The following day we went back to the town of Fira.  We walked around the city with all of its narrow pathways built into the steep hillside.  After
lunch, we made our way down the long, steep and narrow path down to the water's edge.  We had to share the path with the donkeys that were
giving rides for those daring enough to want to ride them.  
On our last full day on Santorini, we decide to rent a car and go for a drive around the Island.  We visited several different beaches (Red, White
and Black) all named after the color of the lava that created them.  We visited the only lighthouse on the Island and found a few dead end roads or
photo opportunities as we call them.
A cruise ship sank in the harbor the month before we got here.  The boats are trying to contain the oil spill and perform cleanup.
The picture above was taken inside
the Church that is pictured to the left.
We looked down the steep path to the water
at the donkeys.  Then we started down
ourselves.  Looking down we could tell that
this is not a short walk.  Once at the bottom
we looked back up at the tram that we would
ride to get back up.  We also looked at the
winding trail down from the bottom.
We boarded the ship on the left for a multiple
hour tour of the Volcano Island in the middle of
the caldera called Nea Kameni.  We stopped at
a hot springs along the way for some to take a
dip.  To see pictures of the Volcano trip click
on the link below.

Nea Kameni Volcano
When we got back, we walked further into Fira
and found a nice place to eat.  We ran into a
couple from Portland, OR.
We drove onto Perissa and found a nice beach and a pub.  Sue settled in for the day, but I made her move on to see more of the Island.  We
thought we could continue around or over this mountain.  But, we could not find the road that would get us there.  So we drove all the way around
the maintain to the other side.
We finally made to the other side of the point.  We are now in Ancient Thira, which is now more resort like.  Luckily, we found another beach and
pub.  We did find a very narrow cobblestone wiggly road that went to the top of the mountain.  We had to drive to the top.  Once we got there it was
so windy that we thought our car was going to be blown off of the road.  Great views, but it spooked us enough to immediately come back down.  
Now that I am driving again, I continued on up the backside of the Island all the way to the other outer most tip.
We got to Oia at the outer most tip.  There are a lot of tour buses that take people to this city at sunset.  The place was packed and there were
people everywhere coming to watch the sunset.  Once we saw it, we understood what all of the fuss was about.  This is also the city that the movie
"The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" was filmed.
We slept in on the final day and had a late
breakfast.  We caught up on some email in the
lobby.  We then went and lounged by the pool
and enjoyed the sun and had a light lunch.  
Next was to catch the shuttle back down to the
ferry terminal.  We boarded the Flying Cat high
speed catamaran for Crete.