Mykonos, Greece
Monday, May 7th through May 9th 2007
We found that Mykonos turned out to be our favorite place that we visited in Greece.  It is cute and quaint and not overly-run by tourists yet. And
the people are wonderfully gracious.  We stayed at the Adonis Hotel a few blocks from Hora's village center.  Below is the front of the hotel, the view
from the front and the marble staircase to the lower level where we ate breakfast.
It was a short walk to get
to the center of the
village.  The hotel
manager told us not to
worry with directions,
“just go out there and
really try to get lost”. This
is an island. You can’t
get too lost.  So, off we

The houses are stark
white, trimmed in blue.
The church tops are
trimmed in blue. The
ocean is blue. The sky is
The locals called the area on the left "little
Venice".  The windmills on the right are fairly
common on the Islands in this area.  Most have
been converted into art studios or other
workshops.  We had our first lunch near the
area below on the waterfront to the right of
"little Venice".
The village is known for its labyrinth of narrow walkways and alleyways that wriggle between the white walled buildings.  It is pretty easy to walk in
circles.  It is also amazing that scooters and some cars share these walkways.  The people built these originally so that when pirates came to loot,
the people could lead them through these labyrinths and the pirates would get lost. Now we know how the pirates felt.
Check out this car squeezing
through the alleyway.  How
would you like to meet that as
you are lost wondering about?
We toured the windmill below.  
There were lots of antiques on
display inside.
By the bay,
the farmers
would sell
their wares.  
The pelicans
were happy
to assist with
the cleanup.
By now I have realized that I have lost my ATM card 8 hours earlier in the day.  I was on the phone to the states with my bank.  Sue was watching
this boy and his grandfather play.  After I got things cleared up at the bank.  I went straight to the nearest bar!
Before catching our next ferry, we walked back to the bay.  We watched a fisherman beating the hell out of a squid.  Plus we watched a photo shoot.
The Adonis hotel manager shuttled us back down to the ferry terminal.  We caught a high speed catamaran style ferry
called the SuperJet.  Unlike the big slow ferry that we took to get here, which was spacious and nice.  This ferry was
small, very airplane like.  It was booked solid with luggage everywhere.  It was taking so long to board, the crew finally
said - just sit anywhere.  What a mess, we were in our assigned seats already with our backpacks, so we were happy.
Here is a link to the hotel we stayed at in

Adonis Hotel