Delphi, Greece
Sunday, May 6th
We wanted to go see Delphi and the Corinth canal.  I called the travel agent to rent a car.  They tried desperately to talk me out of this idea, too
dangerous.  I agree I have seen how they drive.  The agent wanted us to join a tour.  The tour would not get us to both, only one or the other.  So I
finally got the hotel to get us a car and then we were off.  This was the biggest adventure for me and my first European driving experience.  They
drive fast and use all lanes of the highway, plus they add a few extra and use the shoulders.  First off to Delphi the home of the Oracle of Apollo.
Everything is so big, European big. The theatres and coliseums are humongous. This is when Sue realized she left the extra camera battery at the
hotel.  The battery died while we were out, so not many pictures during this day.