Athens, Greece
Friday, May 4th through May 6th 2007
We landed in Athens at 5pm.  We were met by a representative from Fantasy Travel with all of our tickets and vouchers that we would need over
the two weeks.  We were also met by George the Taxi driver we hired via the Internet.  George whisked us off to downtown some 45 minutes away.  
Very scary ride and our first experience with Greek drivers.  We stayed at the Central Athens Hotel in the Plaka within downtown.  It was late, so we
dropped our bags and went to get a bite to eat within the Plaka.  Then we set off for a walk up to the Acropolis.  We got turned around and lost
coming back down the far side.  The more we walked, the further from our hotel we got.  We had to stop and ask for directions several times, but
finally got back to our room.
This was the view from our room up to
the Acropolis.  I do not know how we
got so lucky to get such a view.  There
was also a roof top area that we could
get to for even a better view.
This was our first night out walking the
Plaka looking for a place to eat, before
setting off to go see the Acropolis all lit
up.  You did have to watch your step.  
The streets were narrow, but cars and
vespas still zipped around as if they
were full size streets.
The next morning we were off through the
Plaka again and on to the Acropolis.  We
had to walk to the top and be with hundreds
of our closest new friends.  The crowds were
not too bad.  But, this was definitely the
tourist item to see in town.  And we could
understand why.
After the Acropolis.  We set off to walk
through the lower part of Athens
through the National Gardens and
Roman Baths towards the Parliament
Building and the changing of the guard.
Sue enjoyed
watching the
changing of the
Guard.  Next it
was time for bed
and a last look at
the Acropolis.  
Tomorrow, we are
off for a road trip.
Here is a link to the hotel that we stayed
at in Athens.

Central Athens Hotel