Greece Trip in May 2007
Our trip to Greece was more challenging to plan.  We did not have a Rick Steve's book to follow and we did not read Greek.  I did work with a local
travel agent in Athens which helped a great deal.  Sue had fun with her digital camera.  She managed to take a little over 3000 pictures.  And there
was so much more to see and do!  
We started in Athens.  We did
drive some on the mainland.  
We went Northwest of Athens
180 km to Delphi.  From there
we drove back to Athens and
then West 76 km to Corinth.  We
boarded ferries to get to the
Islands of Mykonos, Santorini
and Crete.  We then flew back to
Athens.  We wanted to drive or
train up to Mt. Olympus and to
visit the Islands of Samos and
Rhodes.  But, we did not want to
spend all of our time traveling
from place to place.  It would
also have been interesting to
visit some locations in Turkey.