Los Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in January 2008
It was time for Sue's company to take all of their employees and spouses on another meeting trip.  This time is was at the   RIU
Palace in Cabo.  The hotel was beautiful. It was built on several levels and had many swimming pools (especially those infinity
pools and swim-up bars) and places to eat. I think we both ate 24 hours a day. It was all-inclusive so all food, drinks and alcohol
were paid for by AFMS. There was a nice beach between the hotel and the ocean. It had a very large drop-off after about 2 feet
of water, so the waves were very large most of the time. It was cold though so we didn’t go swimming. There were lots of para
sailing people, lots of yachts, some cruise ships in the bay, jet skis and horses.
The hotel was positioned to look out toward Lover's Beach and the Arch Rock. This is where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. We took a water
taxi out to Lover's Beach and they taxi-d us all around the area. Getting in the water taxi was an event by itself. There were no ladders on the boat or any
way to get in other than throwing yourself into it. It was not very pretty to do…but it was hysterical to watch. I’m sure the boat drivers got a lot of
entertainment value out of watching us goof balls try to get into and out of their water taxis. It was beautiful by Lover’s Beach, but verrry rough and bouncy.
We got to see sea gulls and seals, and even a large red crab crawling around on the rocks with the seals.
The last day we rented a car and drove to some of the other cities. We had to return the car by 6pm.  We only had time to go to one city and had to turn
around and go home. When we got back to the hotel, the car rental person told us we could have kept the car until the next day. So we feel like we
really wasted the day of driving to only one city. At least we got to see Todos Santos and the Hotel California though. We also got to see a mission and
some man axe-ing a hole in the wall of the Budget Rental Car location. Maybe he only got to rent his car for a few hours too!
minute and whisk him out to sea. We spent an
hour on Lover's Beach walking around before
jumping back in the water taxi.  While waiting on
the taxi, we watched the kids cover up their mom.
The water taxi dropped us off at the marina.  Someone had just caught some Marlin and they were bringing them in from the boat. We had lunch in the
downtown area where the cruise ships were unloading people. There were some kids that were posing as statues by the marina and they were all painted
in silver and gold. We watched them for awhile and if you put $ in their hats, they would move and shake your hand and stuff. Otherwise they stayed
perfectly still. It was pretty warm, I don't know how they kept from melting. When we finished with dinner, we went out to put our $ in their hats. I walked up
kind of behind one of them and told him I was going to get very close to him and pretend to kiss him while Mark took a photo. I got real close and then just
as Mark was taking the picture, the boy turned to face me and kiss me back! It scared me to death! Then he posed again and Mark took the photo. So we
added our donation to his hat and they shook my hand. It was fun. We walked around the marina a little more and went by a lobster restaurant with a
humongous ceramic lobster on the front of the restaurant.
When we got to the beach, we could go to the Pacific side.  Mark had to climb up on the rocks of course  I just knew the waves would come along any
We had a group dinner at the mexican
restaurant at the resort.  We followed that
with loading up a couple of buses to head
into downtown Cabo.  I am told that you can
not visit Cabo without visiting the Cabo
Wabo night club.  This became a ritual for
some in the group every night.

This was followed with Mark going back to
the swim up bar where he spent most of his
On Thursday, we went to the sister hotel, the Riu Santa Fe. It was positioned a little behind the Riu Palace. We could eat and drink for free over there,
but they couldn’t come to the Riu Palace. So we ate dinner at the Riu Santa Fe and visited their spa. We wished we would have known about it earlier as
their facilities were nicer than Riu Palace.
During the day, the spouses lounged while the others worked.  At night we would get back together for feasting at one of the fine restaurants.